2017 Best Nine Instagram Photos

Beer Affair - 2017 Best Nine

The photos you liked the most on Instagram @BeerAffair in 2017.

Beer Affair 2017 Most Liked Photos on Instagram

The “2017 Best Nine.” I thought it was a silly trend at first, but eventually came around to see the value in what viewers liked the most on the @BeerAffair Instagram account over the course of 2017. Of course, every moment of my love affair with beer is special to me, and some of these moments are meaningful, but what I found really interesting is how many of them are, well, sorta not. Continue reading


Watch How Other Half Brewing Brews Their Beer

Ever wonder how beer media darlings, Other Half Brewing craft those magnificently hoppy brews everyone’s drooling over, like Green Diamonds, Hop Showers and All Green Everything?

This video by Team Biscuit Films follows Other Half on a quiet journey through the brewing process, from brewer, Sam Richardson mashing in to parter, Matt Monahan tasting the wort. Teamwork makes the dream work, guys.

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