Take a Tour of the ‘Bestest’ Beer Bars and Brewpubs in Greenpoint

A single malt and single hop (SMaSH) pint at Dirck the Norseman.

A single malt and single hop (SMaSH) pint awaits live music and schnitzel at Dirck the Norseman.

Orr Shtuhl is a director of user experience at a web design agency, Blenderbox, a cheese pairing instructor at Bedford Cheese Shop and Murray’s Cheese, and a resident of Brooklyn. Why do you need to know this? Because he’s also a beer expert, and he wants to give you “the bestest” tour of bars and brewpubs in what he believes to be New York’s supreme neighborhood for beer: Greenpoint.

When Shtuhl decided to launch The Bestest, the name for his craft beer touring company that will begin tours in November, he had locals’ interests in mind.

“[Greenpoint] is the best neighborhood for beer in New York right now,” says Shtuhl, who lives and works in the neighborhood, and plans to give tours on the side. “It has everything that’s good about beer in New York right now, and it’s still largely undiscovered. There are two brewpubs here within walking distance from each other—that’s insane!” Continue reading

Brew n’ Chew Homebrew and Food Pairing Competition at the Diamond on Sunday, Sept. 20

The 8th Annual Brew n Chew will take place at the Diamond on Sunday, Sept. 20.

The 8th Annual Brew n Chew will take place at the Diamond on Sunday, Sept. 20.

Brooklyn craft beer bar, The Diamond is known for its fair share of accolades—from being one of the “best jukebox bars in Brooklyn” to receiving honorable mention as one of Craft Beer & Brewing’s national craft beer dive bars, the Greenpoint staple has long enjoyed a reputation for its expertly curated selection of unusual brews from around the world, served in an atmosphere completely devoid of pretension.

This weekend, on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 3 to 5pm, the Diamond will be the one handing out the awards—at the 8th annual Brew n’ Chew homebrew and food pairing fundraiser.

That essential relationship between good food and good beer will be on display at the Diamond, where six homebrew teams will put their beer and food making chops to the test. The menu is subject to change, as the last two teams are still deciding on their offerings (Team 6 not shown).

Brew n’ Chew Team 1

Beer: Stout with coffee, maple syrup and cardamom
Food: “Some kind of waffle-taco hybrid”

Brew n’ Chew Team 2

Beer: Brett Lavender Saison
Food: Tiramisu

Brew n’ Chew Team 3

Beer: Hoppy American Saison
Food: Pork rilletes on crostini with cornichons

Brew n’ Chew Team 4

Beer: Old Ale
Food: Butterscotch pudding

Brew n’ Chew Team 5

Beer: Table Saison with Apricots, or Dry Hopped Saison, or Belgian Singel
Food: Smoked portabello mushroom slider & smoked pork tenderloin slider

One hundred percent of proceeds from Brew n’ Chew will be donated to Horizons Leadership Project, an organization that holds summer academic and elective programming for mostly disadvantaged Brooklyn youth. The winning team will take a trip to Sly Fox Brewing Company, a Phoenixville, Penn. craft brewery which is sponsoring the event.

“I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest days of the year to be at the Diamond and people love this community event,” Pollack said.

Tickets are $25 and will be available at the door, but you can snag them ahead of time here.