Take a Tour of the ‘Bestest’ Beer Bars and Brewpubs in Greenpoint

A single malt and single hop (SMaSH) pint at Dirck the Norseman.

A single malt and single hop (SMaSH) pint awaits live music and schnitzel at Dirck the Norseman.

Orr Shtuhl is a director of user experience at a web design agency, Blenderbox, a cheese pairing instructor at Bedford Cheese Shop and Murray’s Cheese, and a resident of Brooklyn. Why do you need to know this? Because he’s also a beer expert, and he wants to give you “the bestest” tour of bars and brewpubs in what he believes to be New York’s supreme neighborhood for beer: Greenpoint.

When Shtuhl decided to launch The Bestest, the name for his craft beer touring company that will begin tours in November, he had locals’ interests in mind.

“[Greenpoint] is the best neighborhood for beer in New York right now,” says Shtuhl, who lives and works in the neighborhood, and plans to give tours on the side. “It has everything that’s good about beer in New York right now, and it’s still largely undiscovered. There are two brewpubs here within walking distance from each other—that’s insane!” Continue reading

Bars We Love: Fetch a Few Brews at Luckydog! – Brokelyn

Luckydog has been a longstanding Brokelyn favorite due to its gruff and casual vibe, decent and cheap booze, and most significantly, its dog-friendly-bordering-dog-necessary policy.

All good things come to an end, however, even when man’s best friend is on your side. Despite unconditional love from local K9s, customers and even Yelp reviewers, Luckydog lost its pooch privileges (along with several other Brooklyn bars) when the New York Department of Health cracked its joyless whip across the borough last year.

The bar no longer gives its loyal locals the warm and fuzzies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your love money—in fact, on the contrary, they could use a little extra love right now. Next time you’re in South Williamsburg, stop in for a pint or two (Rockaway’s ESB was on tap last time I stopped in), maybe a bowl of water for old times’ sake, and reminisce about the days before doggy discrimination, when you would drink a beer with someone else’s animal next to you, or go to the bar next door because of your boyfriend’s allergies.

For some extra Luckydog intel, check out fellow Brokester, Kate Mooney’s look at the dog ban in her recent piece in the New York Observer, “Dining With Dogs: Here’s What’s in Store for Luckydog Bar in Williamsburg.”

ICYMI: Sugarburg Has Coffee Now

In case you missed it:

Sugarburg, one of my favorite places in the city right now, has added coffee to their repertoire. This development makes the establishment pretty much perfect.

  1. It’s beautifully built and designed, with artistic, woodsy, creative facets the owner and his brothers and friends built by hand (inspired by Burning Man).
  2. It’s located on Williamsburg’s most convenient corner, Metropolitan and Union Ave., where the L and G train meet gracefully at the bar’s doorstep.
  3. The craft beer selection is impeccable and sizable while carefully curated, and constantly changing.
  4. The food is great, oh man, the brussels sprouts, and the poutine which might be the best in the borough.
  5. They specialize in whiskey, also—NBD.

The new coffee program is headed by lead barista Michael Mason, serving up flat whites, cold brew and drip by way of Brooklyn Roasting Company, accompanied by a full espresso bar. As an extra bonus, pastries have been added to the menu, too.

Check out the news in my post on Brokelyn—the title of this post is a link.