Hopped Hard Ciders: 6 Recommendations from Brooklyn Brew Shop

In a recent infographic from Brooklyn Brew Shop, the beer making kit company recommends Six Fantastic Hopped Ciders for Fall, geared toward those willing to venture against the grain. The blog post is a perfect answer to beer-lovers’ questions about approaching the apple-fermented beverage, which is often cloaked in mystery yet has been gaining popularity in New York City this fall.

Hopped cider recommendations include:

Nine Pin Cider Works Willsie Dry Hop; Urban Farm Fermentory Hopped Cidah; Square Mile Cider Co. Spur & Vine; Citizen Cider The Full Nelson; Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider; and Brooklyn Brew Shop‘s own Hard Cider Kit and Hopped Cider Refill Pack, which recently became available (along with Sweet and Dry Cider options) on brooklynbrewshop.com.

Check out the infographic below and click to learn more about Brooklyn Brew Shop’s hard cider options. Copywriting by yours truly and graphic design by Brittany Murray.

"Six Fantastic Hopped Ciders for Fall" infographic via brooklynbrewshop.com.

“Six Fantastic Hopped Ciders for Fall” infographic via The Mash on brooklynbrewshop.com.


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