SMaSH Beers to Look Out for During NYC Beer Week (February 19 to 28, 2016)

Flint of Rockaway and Eric of Coney Island

Flint Whistler of Rockaway Brewing Co. and Eric Hernandez of Coney Island Brewery.

NYC Beer Week kicks off this Friday, February 19 at 7pm with the “SimulTap,” or simultaneous tapping, of New York City beers, each brewed specially for  Beer Week as part of a 10-day celebration of New York beer. Though the SimulTap marks the start of Beer Week every year, this year’s holds special significance because it will feature 15 NYC brewers’ beers made with State Malt and State Hops, being referred to as “SMaSH beers,” spotlighting local ingredients sourced right here in New York. NYC Beer Week is organized by the New York City Brewers Guild.

Note: SMaSH usually stands for “Single Malt and Single Hop,” meaning one type of malted barley or other malted grain and one type of hop are used in the brewing process. In this case, it stands for State Malt and State Hops. Three types of New York malt and three New York-grown hops were used to brew the NYC Beer Week SMaSH beers. 

For NYC Beer Week, fifteen Brewers Guild members worked with a malt bill of spelt, pale barley and caramelized barley (C-20), and hop varietals Chinook, Cascade and Willamette to create a own unique iteration and style of New York State SMasH.

Bars and other locations across the boroughs that will be tapping the SMaSH beers on Friday night include Jimmy’s No. 43, Murray’s Cheese Bar, Greenpoint Beer & Ale,  Banter (tapping 10 SMaSH beers!),  Alewife and Randolph Beer.

SMaSH Beers Tapping for NYC Beer Week 2016

Beer Ingredient Porn

State Malt and State Hops, maybe


Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. Biodome Classic dry-hopped pale Brett beer AND Acidifus Locale American wild ale

Gun Hill Brewing Co. Who Spelt It Dealt It Strong Spelt Ale

The Bronx Brewery Get Rich or Dinkelweizen dinkelweizen with 50% spelt

Sixpoint Brewery Low-Brow Brilliant Dry Hopped Golden Sour

Keg & Lantern Brewing Co. Rising Tides IPA

Rockaway Brewing Co. Just Kidding English Mild

Transmitter Brewing NY4 New Yorker Weiss

Big Alice Big aLICe SMaSH 2016 saison

Brooklyn Brewery Neziah Bliss Barrel-Aged Spelt Ale

Finback Brewery SMaSH Ale

KelSo Beer Co. Spelter Bock Spelt Bock

Heartland Brewery Spelt Session IPA

Coney Island Brewery Trapp’ed on The Cyclone Trappist Tripple

LIC Beer Project NYS Saison

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery Tank Fund Saison

Rich, owner of Bridge and Tunnel: “I named [the SMaSH beer ‘Tank Fund’ as a starting dialogue for a crowdfunding campaign I will be launching shortly after the conclusion of NYC Beer Week. The launch date [of the campaign] is Saturday, March 5.”

Read more about local beers that will be tapping throughout NYC Beer Week 2016 here.



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