What I Do As a Beer Writer

Taking notes at Moeder Lambic, Brussels, Belgium.

Taking notes at Moeder Lambic, Brussels, Belgium.

Editor’s note: A version of this post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. I figured I may as well publish it here, too. 

As a craft beer journalist and blogger, I’m often met with mystified expressions and questions when I explain what I do: “A beer writer? So, you drink beer and write about it? That must be fun!”

Well, yes, I do write about beer, and I do drink a lot of it in order to write about it. But, much like food writers don’t spend all of their time seated at fancy restaurants with a sea of courses stretching before them into waves of table infinity, beer writing isn’t all about bellying up to the bar. In fact, a majority of my time is spent in my home office, pressed up against my desk, fingers cramped over keyboard, stressed about my next deadline, or the 1,000 unread emails in my inbox. Succinctly put, the day-to-day is no playground, as is the case for any professional with a full-time job.

A selection of my recent work published by Ale Street News and Brokelyn.

A selection of recent work for Ale Street News and Brokelyn.

That being said, there are things about this job that I tend to enjoy more than the ordinary work excursion, like visit local breweries, attend beer tastings, and scope out bars for the next Brokelyn Beer Book. However, even on these occasions (which, I admit, are often fun), I am a journalist on assignment, showing up to meet with beer business owners, seek information, snap a few photos and get back to my screen; a vessel set on course to tell brewers’ stories.

Clips from Civil Eats and Men's Journal; two very different publications I contribute to.

Clips from Civil Eats and Men’s Journal; two very different publications I contribute to.

Today, as I was perusing photos and notes from the past year or so of craft beer-related events and travel experiences, I decided to conduct a complete overhaul of my online writing portfolio, to more clearly lay out who I write for, what I’m writing about, and ways to understand my world. The website, catwolinskiwrites.com, includes links to some of my recent work, be they articles, features or bar guides, selected from publications such as Ale Street News, Brokelyn, Civil Eats and Men’s Journal.

Miscellaneous contributions to sites like Thrillist, WeHeartAstoria and the Village Voice.

Miscellaneous contributions to sites like Thrillist, WeHeartAstoria, and the Village Voice.

These clips span the insights of world brewers to agricultural feats in New York beer brewing, to how to find the best bars for the stuff in Brooklyn and Queens (ahem, that would be by reading the 2016 Brooklyn Bar Guide and Queens Bar Guide).

At the end of the day, writing is a passion. While I do love doing it, I’m very serious about exploring and illuminating the craft beer community, and sharing that light with others. If ever you find yourself wondering who I am or what I do (which presumably you have, since you’re here right now), then I encourage you to take a look at my small but earnest attempts at discovering and documenting this incredible industry we call craft beer.

Thanks for reading! Click to view my beer writing portfolio > catwolinskiwrites.com




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