Hillary Clinton’s CTO Partied at KCBC in Bushwick Last Night

Stephanie Hannon at KCBC

Stephanie Hannon, CTO for Hillary for America, at KCBC in Bushwick.

Last night, Stephanie Hannon, chief technology officer for Hillary for America, and 60 of her team members came to the KCBC brewery and taproom in Bushwick to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. And it was awesome.

Some things you should know about Steph Hannon:

  • She is the first ever woman to hold the title of CTO in a presidential campaign
  • She was formerly a director of product management at Google,  where she helped launch and grow Gmail, then ran Google Maps for Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Fortune called her one of the most influential women on Clinton’s team
  • She swims with sharks
  • She supports her local brewery

Basically, this woman has devoted the last 18 months to every digital aspect of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This means building and running Hillary Clinton’s website, organizing social media outreach to voters, and building and launching mobile apps—in August, Hannon told Fortune her team had built and launched more than 50 products.

And then, there’s the small task of keeping HillaryClinton.com up and running during presidential debates. Hannon told me the campaign site attracted millions of viewers during the first presidential debate—you may recall Clinton repeatedly encouraging viewers to go on and try out the fact-checker (I know I did)—thanks to Hannon’s team of engineers and developers, the site stayed up and running all night. Trump’s website crashed.

Regardless of your political stance or opinions about this presidential campaign (18 more days!), it was impossible not to acknowledge the dedication, modest pride, and shared confidence of Hillary for America’s software team. After working seven days a week since last Christmas, they finally had a chance to let off some steam and enjoy an evening of delicious beer drinking, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it in my small way.  brews.

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