Space-Obsessed Band Releases Album on a Beer Can

T.R.I.P. Beer Can

Aeronaut Brewing and The Lights Out present: Intergalaxyc T.R.I.P.

Bands and breweries have produced beers together many times before—Crooked Stave recently released Damn! IPA and Totem Wild Ale with the Motet; U.K.-based brewer, Camerons teamed up with the remaining members of Motorhead to release an American-style pale ale, Road Crew; Unibroue, world brewer from Quebec, partnered with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine to release A Tout Le Monde, a Belgian-style saison brewed in honor of Mustaine’s 55th birthday; and Champion Brewing of Charlottesville, Virginia has long partnered with punk bands for beers like their Black Me Stout with Against Me! .

But for the first time, a brewery and band have partnered to release an album on a beer—and the story only gets weirder from there. 

Aeronaut Brewing of Somerville, Massachusetts (recent winners of a GABF gold medal for their Robot Crush pilsner) and light show-wielding indie band, The Lights Out have recently announced the earthly arrival of  T.R.I.P., a “sci-fi album and adventure beer” that draws inspiration from the idea that our world is made up of many parrallell universes—a multiverse—and that, presumably, by way of this beer-and-music combo, you’ll be rocketed into inter-galactic awareness of your existence’s infinite possibilities.

More about the beer:

  • T.R.I.P. is a Galaxy-hopped “imperial session IPA,” which the brewery likes to describe as a “paradox in a can,” but we suspect is really an IPA that sips like a session and weighs like an imperial (7.5% ABV)
  • It’s the first in Aeronaut’s Intergalaxyc series, which will orbit around the Galaxy hop (see what I did there?)
  • It boasts flavors of tropical red fruit, banana, passion fruit and citrus, along with bitterness from orange and lemon rind, according to Aeronaut CEO, Ben Holmes
  • It will fuel your trip through the multiverse, according to The Lights Out guitarist, Adam Ritchie (the album is the soundtrack to that journey)
T.R.I.P. beer can label design

The beer can art was designed by Raul Gonzalez.

To get the album, buyers of the beer will find directions on their can to tweet a special hashtag to @thelightsout on Twitter, at which point in space in time, The Lights Out will answer with a special message containing a download/streaming link.

Oh, and T.R.I.P. stands for “The Reckonings in Pandimensionality.” Obviously.

The beer will only be available in the Boston area, but we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on one. Let us know if you see it around in any of your universes. In the meantime, you can learn more about the collaboration in my latest article on This story is a pretty weird one…I wouldn’t miss it.



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