Roscoe NY Beer Company Brings ‘Trout Town’ to NYC

Shannon (l) and Josh Hughes of Roscoe Beer Co.

Shannon Feeney, director of marketing (l) and Josh Hughes, brewmaster of Roscoe Beer Co. with Beer Affair’s Cat Wolinski, New York, N.Y. Feb. 22, 2015.

NEW YORK—The Roscoe NY Beer Company, known chiefly for its Trout Town brand of craft beers in Roscoe, N.Y., has announced it will expand distribution throughout the states of New York and Connecticut, including the five boroughs of New York City. The recent expansion will occur through Grapes & Greens and Ippolito Distributing. The beers are currently available through Dana Distributers, Dutchess Beer Distributers, Northern Eagle Beverage Company and Dichello Distributers.

Previously distributed only in the Roscoe, N.Y. area, the three Trout Town handcrafted beers—Trout Town Brown Ale, Trout Town Rainbow Red Ale and flagship Trout Town American Amber Ale—will now be available in 22 different counties across New York and Connecticut.

Roscoe brewmaster, Josh Hughes, told Beer Affair the expansion represents his and the brewery’s desire to increase awareness of the Roscoe, a small fishing town located 120 miles north of New York City.

“In addition to introducing our product, we want to bring people to Roscoe and strengthen the community,” Hughes told Beer Affair. “We feel we’ve added to the value of this unique destination.”

According to Hughes, Trout Town, both town and beer, has a mass appeal—and, in the case of the beer, is brewed for every palate. “You don’t have to be a craft beer lover to enjoy it,” he said. “We incorporate an easy drinking quality to our product.”

Hughes, who claims to be an avid fisherman in “Trout Town, USA” (though, admittedly not an ice fisherman) is looking forward to the next season, during which, he said, he will fish every day. Until then, it’s back to the brewhouse, where he’ll be applying his chemistry expertise to concocting the next Trout Town. (Before joining Roscoe, Hughes worked at a medical facility in Cooperstown, N.Y.)

“Brewing beer is a true art form and with the combination of my skills and guidance from everyone else on the team at the Roscoe NY Beer Co., we have created three great craft beers that can be enjoyed by everyone,” he said. “Now with our expanded distribution, we are able to share our hard work and passion with more beer drinkers across New York and Connecticut.”

Along with celebrating their expanded distribution, Roscoe Beer Co. will be unveiling a new tasting room and holding a grand opening this Spring. The new tasting room will feature a fish tank (full of trout, Beer Affair confirmed), floor-to-ceiling trees and a 16-foot glass window, all designed to promote the natural components of the area and the beer itself, which is brewed using only natural ingredients, according to the company.

As of April 2015, Trout Town beers will be available in: Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex and New Haven Counties of Connecticut; and Bronx, Brooklyn, Chenagno, Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Manhattan, Nassau, Orange, Ostego, Queens, Rockland, Staten Island, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester Counties of New York.

For more information, contact Lauren Verini at or 212-693-2150 x311.


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