Drink Booze, Eat Cheese, Learn Things at Local Shops in Manhattan


The Cannibal, 113 E 29th Street in Manhattan. (Photo by Gabi Porter)

Do you like booze? Do you like cheese? Have a moderate amount of expendable income? (I’m talking under a hundo here.)

Beer and cheese classes (and wine and cheese classes, and whiskey and cheese classes) are happening in New York all the time. Check out these easygoing, easily giftable eating/drinking events in December. 

Wish you knew what all the fuss was about with fermented grapes and curdled milk? 

Take a wine and cheese pairing class at Back Label Wine Merchants in the East Village. They’re basically experts on the stuff.

Wish you had a better excuse for drinking so much whiskey?

Take Mom to a whiskey cocktails and cheese class at Murray’s in Greenwich Village. She’ll be so distracted by the heavenly plethora of artisanal cheeses and specialty foods, she’ll forget she was even disappointed in you in the first place.

Want someone tell you things, like what beers to drink in winter, while you gnaw on a succulent, smoky slab of housemade beef jerky? 

The Cannibal awaits. Let them tear your beer ignorance to shreds.

The holidays are all about spending too much money on people who don’t know how poor you are. Why not make your gift a memorable one? Take a look at these classes I rounded up for Rally. Links lead to sites and schedules with more alcohol-related, fact-filled events for you and yours. 4 NYC Beer Classes: Give the Gift of Beer Experiences >


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