Calagione Taps the Hill-Side and Other Half for Fashion-Crafted Beer Collaboration

Pat Phillips and I in the "craft beer confessional" for episode 6 of Thats Odd, Lets Drink It.

Pat Phillips and I vote carrot beer in the “craft beer confessional” in That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It episode 6.

In the sixth and final episode of That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It!, Sam Calagione comes to Williamsburg to create a collaborative craft beer with GQ’s ‘Best New Menswear Designers in America,’ the Hill-Side and Other Half Brewing. Spoiler alert: I’m in it!

This episode was not only special to me because it was filmed in my own nabe, but because Chris Schonberger, the show’s producer and First We Feast editor-in-chief, was kind enough to have Pat and I on set for the unveiling of two very special brews. Not only that, we were featured in the episode’s craft beer confessional.

As mentioned in my coverage of the event last month, the idea for the beer was to create a recipe that combined clothes making and beer making. This led to the delicious decision to incorporate all-natural dyes into the beer, which came in the form of carrot and blueberry, selected by Hill-Side co-owners and brothers, Emil and Sandy Corsillo, along with Other Half’s Matt Monahan and Sam Richardson, with Dogfish Head founder and president, Sam Calagione at the helm.

Unofficial votes from Other Half

Unofficial votes from Other Half Brewing’s Sam Richardson and Matt Monahan.

The event took place at the grand opening of the Hill-Side’s flagship brick-and-mortar store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the trendy-grungy South 1st Street at Havemeyer. The saison’s iterations were christened “It’s Wabbit Saison” and “To Much Blue.” Calagione colored the occasion with his usual charm and charisma, helping the boys coin their new beers with catchy names and bringing fashion friends together with beer nerds. As guests of the event, we voted for our favorite version of the dichotomous brew by way of actual carrot and blueberry “ballots.”

Voting in progress: this fashion man casts a carrot ballot.

Voting in progress: this fashion man casts a carrot ballot.

In the show’s concluding moments, you’ll see that To Much Blue was the victor by a single blueberry. Behind-the-scenes among us brew heads, it was an entirely different story. See for yourself above or watch the episode on


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