The Brewers Association Sent Peyton Manning Craft Beer Care Packages

The brews included in the Peyton Manning craft beer care package. via the Brewers Association

The Peyton Manning craft beer care package. via the Brewers Association

In true craft beer form, rather than cry out in rage over Peyton Manning’s un-funded Budweiser plug on Super Bowl Sunday, the Brewers Association has done one better: sent him a bunch of craft beer to try.

Surely, someone with so much money and wordly experience must have missed the craft beer isle to call out Bud on game day, and no one knows this better than the Brewers Association, craft beer’s trade organization supporting small and independent craft beer brewers.

“Since Peyton happens to play in one of the most beer-centric states in the nation, we made sure to include a good number of beers that were local to Colorado in addition to a few other classic and approachable options from around the country,” the Brewers Association said in a blog post on

Along with the beer, the BA included a letter from Julia Herz expressing congratulations and appreciation for all of Manning’s “hard work.” The letter reads:

To help you celebrate, we wanted to share some craft beers from the over 4,100 small and independent brewers in Colorado and beyond. These indie brewers represent the ethic and integrity that makes our country so great and are also worthy of support. We’ve included a variety of choices for you to enjoy.

Here’s what was included in the Peyton Manning craft beer care package:

We’ll always be rooting for you, Julia.


Tipsy Turkey and Cranbeery Relish: Cooking With Beer on Thanksgiving

Photo by the Beer Bitty.

Photo via Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash tossed in a Warm Bacon and Brown Ale Vinaigrette with Sage and Toasted Pecans.

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means a barrage of recipes and relatives are probably vying for your attention and food coma threshold. To make it a little easier on you, I’ve gone through ladle-loads of beer and food recipes from all around the web and reduced it down to five easy ways to infuse your food with craft brews.

Swap out your usual side dish or soggy vegetable mush with the same dish, only better—because it has beer in it, and making it isn’t any harder than without beer. In fact, it’ll probably be easier because you’ll be enjoying it more while you sip on some extra brew. It’s a win-win. 

With recipes from some of the best beer and food resources—like the Brewers Association’s  Cooking with Beer Recipes (with insider tips from  Julia Herz, Brewers Association craft beer program director and publisher), Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Spent Grain Chef, and the Beer Bitty—you won’t regret giving these a try.

Go HAM on 5 Beer-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes  > 

Check them out in my latest beer school feature for Rally by Eventbrite.


Featured Image: Chestnut Brown Ale Stuffing by Brooklyn Brew Shop.

#WomanCrushWednesday: Wendy Littlefield

Wendy Littlefield. Photo via

Wendy Littlefield. Photo via

#WCW: Wendy Littlefield

Beer Cred:

In honor of Brewery Ommegang’s 18th birthday next month and my departure for Belgium today, this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday goes to Wendy Littlefield. Along with her husband, Ed, Littlefield’s accolades go far beyond a bulleted list. From a romantic start of eloping in college, moving to Belgium and falling in love—with the tradition and taste of Belgian beer, that is—she became the first American woman inducted into the Belgian Brewers Guild and was nominated for the Mercurius Award, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Belgian government.

Back stateside,  in addition to starting two beer businesses, she started several community-driven food and drink events and associations in her now-hometown of Cooperstown, N.Y. (Belgian Comes to Cooperstown among them). You can learn more about the Littlefields in the self-told “Very Long and Boring Story” of  her career in beer—a lengthy one, yes, but there’s nothing boring about it.

Well Said:

“We have been at this business for 31 years and still adore it, and we are still married and capable of working together. How very fortunate we are. We think of ourselves as cultural anthropologists explaining culture through beer.” – “Why We Do What We Do— An Interview With Our New York Distributor,” March 2012, 

#WomanCrushWednesday: Julia Herz

#WomanCrushWednesday: Julia Herz

Julia Herz, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director. Photo via

#WCW: Julia Herz

Beer Cred:

Well Said:

“Our craft breweries are small businesses that have helped bring great innovation and a less gender-targeted approach to beer marketing than ever before—I’ll cheers to that!” – Weighing in on Women and Beer,, Aug. 2015

Cheers to that, Julia!
– Beer Affair