#WomanCrushWednesday: Kim Jordan


Kim Jordan, co-founder, New Belgium Brewing Company. Photo via NewBelgium.com

#WCW: Kim Jordan

Beer Cred:

Kim Jordan has more than 25 years’ experience in the craft beer industry. As co-founder of New Belgium Brewing Company (est. 1991) and having served as CEO for 15 years, she has strengthened the brewery and craft beer community at large as a leader, speaker and expert in all things beer biz. Jordan recently transitioned into a new role as executive chair at New Belgium, setting her sites set on strategy and  advocacy for progressive business practices both within the New Belgium Family Foundation and on the 1% For the Planet Board of Directors.

Well Said:

“Conservation is sexy.” – “Brewing Big (With a Micro Soul),” Entrepreneur.com, Nov. 2009

Cheers to that, Kim!
– BeerAffair


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